Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Every employee is allocated a personal Health and Wellbeing points balance at the start of the year.  You can then redeem your points however you want to during the year to take advantage of regular or one-off programs and initiatives from our Health and Wellbeing Catalgoue

What health and wellbeing programs are on offer?

You can browse the latest programs and initiatives by clicking on My Programs in the menu bar.  Many of the options relate to discounts or recurring programs that we’ve organised for you, and throughout the year we add new and one-off initiatives based on employee feedback and opportunities that e identify

Do I have to use my H&W points?

Not if you don’t want to, but be aware that your points cannot be ‘cashed out’ or rolled-over into the next year.  We’ve set up the program as genuine benefit for staff and we really encourage everyone to take advantage of the opportunity to do something to look after yourselves.

Where can I get more information?

The Health and Wellbeing program is managed centrally by Human Resources who can provide more information on how to use the Mastertek platform.  Your line manager should also be able to help with any questions or queries you have in regard to using the system.